Hand Crafted Wrought Iron

Wrought iron stair railings

Hand made stair railing

Wrought Iron Railings For Patio

This is wrought iron railings wich is made from 25x10 frame and 12mm infill and the top rail is 38mm half round hand rail

Wrought Iron Railings with Bow Top

This is a wrought iron panel which is made from 25x10 flat bar for the frame and 12mm round bar for infill

Back Gate with steel sheet

This a back gate wich is made from 40x40x3mm box for the frame and 16mm infill



Wrought Iron Railings

This is a wrought railings with round posts the frame is made from 30x10 and the infill is 16mm round, and the posts are 75mm round

Victorian Wrought Iron Railings

These are railings wich are made from 40x10 frame and the infill is cast from ductile iron